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Feeder are an award winning Welsh rock band, who formed in Newport, South Wales, in 1992. The band originally comprised Grant Nicholas (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Taka Hirose (bass), and Jon Lee (drums). Following Jon's suicide in 2002, former Skunk Anansie and Little Angels drummer Mark Richardson joined in August 2002. Feeder have also been accompanied by touring members Matt Sime (keyboards; 2000–2002), Dean Tidey (guitar, backing vocals; 1998–present) and Dean Devall (keyboards, backing vocals; 2008-present).

Feeder released their first two albums, Polythene and Yesterday Went Too Soon, in 1997 and 1999 respectively, before the release of their third album, Echo Park. That album propelled them into mainstream popularity, in 2001. After their breakthrough year, their drummer Jon Lee committed suicide at his Miami home in January 2002. The band continued, releasing Comfort in Sound at the close of 2002, an album musically and lyrically focused around the band's emotions at the time, which was well-received by critics. This was followed by 2005's Pushing the Senses, while their newest album, Silent Cry, was released in June 2008.

Although Feeder have not reached #1 on any sales-based chart with any of their own releases, they have released six studio albums, a mini-album and two compilations, which includes a singles album. Those releases have spawned three UK platinum sales awards, two gold awards, and one silver award, with a gold award in Ireland for their singles album. Alongside this, they also have 24 top 75 singles, and eight top 75 albums.[7] Additionally, Feeder hold the distinction of being the first act to play in front of 1,500 people or more at any HMV store worldwide, and were also voted by Kerrang! magazine readers as the best British live act of 2001, and then the best British band of 2003 both without any major hype by the magazine's writers.

What are you saying?
It's just the thought of rejection
It's pulling you deeper
You just can't free yourself

Feeling the moment slip away
Losing direction you're losing faith
You're wishing for someone
Feeling it all begin to slide
Am I just like you
All the things you do - can't help myself

How do you feel when there's no sun
And how will you be when rain clouds come and pull you down again
How will you feel when there's no one
Am I just like you


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