sábado, abril 19, 2008

Cassini – Saturno y sus lunas

Las imágenes que nos trae la sonda Cassini enviada por la Nasa en los alrededores de Saturno y sus lunas son fantásticas.

Moon crossing Saturn. The moon Rhea passed in front of Saturn, as seen by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. Cassini took the photograph March 21, 2006 at a distance of about 137,000 miles from Rhea. NASA announced that it is extending Cassini's mission by two years. The $160 million extension will lead to 60 more orbits around Saturn, allowing Cassini to take additional looks at some of the intriguing moons, including smog-enshrouded Titan and Enceladus, which is shooting out a geyser of water ice and vapor and may have liquid water under its surface.

Photo: NASA, JPL and Space Science Institute

Fuente: New York Times

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